lIKO'S JOURNEY June 24, 2020

I thought since I had rescued this little kitty that I would post a daily journey with his update. His mommy had 3 kittens for her first litter and she has not been a good mommy. The first little runt died and the mommy cat took the largest kitten away leaving Liko in a flower pot to die. When I found him he was covered in flies and had to be taken to the vet just to see if he was savable. After being treated for ear mites, fly larvae & infection I brought him home to care for him. He has to have an antibiotic twice per day and I am feeding him every 3 hours with a syringe. He will not yet take a bottle, hopefully he will do a bottle around the 3rd week. He was only 3 days old when I found him. The boys named him Liko (Lee-Ko) meaning: "Protected by Buddha"( No we are not Buddist, the boys chose the name as it sounded strong)  He is a fighter for sure. He has been eating well and the open wound on his back has healed almost completely. In this photo his fur is still damp because he had to have a bath. I used warm water with some phisoderm for babies to wash him off.  I am not partcial to cats inside the house but I suppose this one was meant to be with us. I just could not watch it suffer and cry from starvation and litterally be eaten alive by flies and mites. The photo of him with the bunny is to show just how tiny he still is. He will fit into the palm of my hand & the bunny that is in the tote with him is a tiny little bunny which looks huge beside him. He snuggles up to it as its fur is soft like a cat, and I place rice bags in an L shape in the corners of the tote for warmth. 

6 AM FEEDING 6/25/2020

LIko is up and has just eaten his breakfast and taken his antibiotic , He ate 13ML this morning which is around 4 teaspoons of kitty milk. I have to wrap him in a cloth to keep him from clawing me with his little claws. At this age the claws of a kitten do not retract so he has no control over scratching or hanging on to something. He will have the ability to retract his claws around the age of 4 weeks.  He is a little fighter and definitely has an attitude. We are hoping he continues to do well. It is a very time consuming and tiring job just in case you ever decide to take this on lol. 

JUNE 26, 2020 Doing Great.

Liko woke up at 7 a.m. this morning. YAY! he actually slept through the night with his bunny and his heated rice bags. When kittens are this tiny, they cannot regulate their own body heat, so he will snuggle up after feeding and then if he gets to warm, he will move away from the heated rice bags that are under the towels. He is becoming stronger and has a little bit of an attitude. I guess having the attitude is good because he has had great will-power to survive. He is very tiny, He is the length of my hand when he is stretched out and he can be held in the palm of my hand when I am feeding him. All in all he seems to be doing great. In 2 more weeks he will go back to the doctor to get a well check and to get his first dose of worm medication. I look at the little thing when I am feeding him and he has his paws around the syringe and think that if I had of just left him (which I would never do) he would have just suffered and died in such pain. Now he is getting healthy, eating well, taking his medication to heal and is comfortable and loved. 

June 27, 2020 morning feeding.

June 27, 2020 Happy Saturday!

Liko woke up again this morning at 7 a.m. He seems to be able to sleep through the night now. I usually feed him for the last time around 10 p.m. When he is eating he is continuously wiggling around and clawing at the syringe until he gets in into the correct position to suck on it. I have tried a bottle and multiple bottle nipples but he will just not do it. It is very difficult to get a good photo of Liko because he is always on the move . He can walk very well and moves a lot which is great. His eyes are beginning to show the pupil and soon he will be able to see things around him. When kittens first open their eyes the cannot really see anything. By the 4 week age the eyes should be actuall seeing everything. All in all LIko is healing and healthy. I don't really know his age but he should be going on around 3 weeks of age now. 

June 28, 2020 Sunday Morning

This morning Liko slept until 8 a.m. I did not wake him up to feed him as I feel if he is hungry he will wake up himself to eat. He ate really good and is eating a little more each day. I noticed last night while feeding him that his ears have grown, lol, too cute. It is very hard to get a photo of him as he is always wiggling and scratching me. Here is a photo of him this morning wanting to be near the bunny he sleeps with. 

  • Walking around good

  • Hiding behind his rabbit

  • He is just so cute

June 29, 2020 Having morning feeding

Liko this morning eating. He is doing very well & also got his antibiotic. He still will not take a bottle. I don't know that he ever will but he should be able to soon eat on his own. Another week or 2 and he will be able to have some soft baby kitty food.

June 30, 2020

Liko is doing great right now, he is a fighter, he is walking around good now, I think his eyes are beginning to see things, when he hears my voice in the morning he comes to the edge of the big tote he is in. I purchased him a tiny cat bed and placed his heated rice bags under it and he got right into it and loves sleeping in it. So well actually that he is really sleeping long lengths of time without waking up. He really is adorable with a hint of attitude. 

Today I am looking great & feeling great. I am getting really nosey and like to try escaping my huge tote that is my home right now. July 1, 2020

July 2, 2020

Liko's routine now is to get up early and eat, then he goes back to sleep or lays in his bed with his bunny. He has come so far, I did not post photos of the day I found him as it was horrific. A lot of people couldn't handle it and I almost couldn't either. Let's just say that no way could I be a veterinarian. 

July 5, 2020

Liko is doing great, He is really becoming active, walking more and eating more. He is almost fiished with his medication, this week will be last few days he has to take it. He is still to small to allow him to walk around the house because he can get stepped on or lost or hurt. He will stay in his tote unil he becomes a little larger. He has a big attitude for such a tiny kitten and I sure hope he drops his attitude by the time he is grown. 

July 14, 2020

I have skipped around 3 weeks of reporting on Liko, we have been extremely busy with a lot of other things. Liko is doing great, he is eating on his own now and especially loves cooked chicken. I have moved him from a large tote which he was staying in to a little animal playpen. He loves being held by the boys, he will sleep on their lap for hours. The wound on Liko's back in now completely heald and the hair is mostly grown back. It is very satisfying to see a little animal heal and doing well when he otherwise would have died without our help. 

July 14, 2020

Liko is now in this playpen most of the time if he isn't being held. He is still really tiny for his age of 4 weeks so we don't want him getting lost or hung up in or behind something in the house. He wont be able to stay in the playpen for to long because he will be able to climb up out of it. 

  • The kids have definitely spoiled this kitten, he has it made.

  • Liko is a busy body and even wants to sit on my shoulder at night while I am using my computer.

Liko is doing great! He is now a happy active kitten and I will continue to post as he gets older. He has come a long way from a dying kitten left in a flower pot and is now a member of our noisy active family.

  • So cute and nosey.

  • These days he thinks he owns the bed.

  • Liko is practically grown now, he is always being curious about what's going on around the house.

  • Here Liko is trying to see what the dogs are doing, He doesn't want to miss out on anything.

All grown up and king of the house. He got neutered a week ago and got all of his shots and chip tag. I think we are good to go now.

His favorite place to be in the morning is looking out the bedroom window.

  • Laying in the window each morning.

  • Sitting at the table while I have my morning tea.

  • Always blocking the bathroom door because he knows im leaving for work lol.

September 28, 2021 , Liko is all grown up now to say the least lol.

Liko will always put his paw out if you ask him to say please. He is strange for a cat because he will never just try to get on the table for food. He sits very patiently in the chair and if you asked him to say please he will.