You cant be from Kentucky and not know who Dolly is. I think all of us love her the same.

Talkin about ole country lol, I cant help but laugh everytime I watch this. I love Sammy Kershaws music . By the first word out of his mouth you knew who was singing.

Such a true song, Many thoughts I have had while setting at a redlight. Many were good, many not so good. Loved this song from the day it first came out.

To me, nobody sings it like K.D. Lang

Dimash Kuaibergenov has an amazing voice. I am fasinated  the range of his voice. I love music of all types and I think it is one of the things I would miss the most if it did not exisit anymore. 

I love Oriental music/singers. This video is amazing to me because of the voice pitch.

I love Hyori Lee, This is probably my very favorite song.