I love my daughter in law, Parker's mommy Brionna.

  • Parker

  • Parker's daddy Dalton when he was Parkers age. They look a lot alike to me.

  • Just to cute!!! Love him so much.

My beautiful grandson. He is growing so fast.

I am such a beautiful boy!!!

Some little Bunny named Parker, Loved his Easter basket. Of coarse he had no idea what was in it but he loved the crunch cellophane and the bows. Love this little guy so much.

  • Easter Day

  • Love my little grandson, he is such a wonderful happy boy.

I love being in my chair with all of my toys. My grandma Wendy makes such great photos of me.

Me and my mommy Brionna, She takes good care of me and loves me so much.

What a doll. 3 months old and I can't believe it .

My grandson Parker

Born at 12:30 A.M. October 30, 2017

Welcome to the world Parker! So Proud of Dalton & Brionna, they are going to be awesome parents.

I love this photos, it is just precious. Love Brionna, she is such a beautiful sweet person.

  • He's a big boy. Just to cute.

  • So adorable, absolutely looks like his daddy.

  • Loved holding my grandson for the first time. What a cutie pie.

Brionna and Parker

  • What beautiful hair. I have never seen hair this color in my life.

  • Love love love my new grandson.

  • Parker having a nap while his uncle watches over him. They are both just to sweet in this photo.

  • Having fun with grandma

  • Those big bright eyes were following his daddy's voice .