Cautions of Ginger: Before using Ginger talk to a Medical professional. If you have certain medical conditions you may not be able to use ginger. Do not use without contacting your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not administer to children without contacting your medical doctor.


Most folks only know Ginger from eating it at an oriental restaurant in the foods, or maybe in a store purchased tea, but Ginger has been well known throughout history in places such as India, Asia and China where it is a highly valued food and  medicinanl herb that has been cultivated in the Middle East for thousands of years. I love Ginger and use it in many differant ways. I use it in my green juice mixtures, as a tea, in my meals and even in my desserts when baking. Ginger is a common herb root in my household. It is easy to grow ginger root. You can purchase a ginger root in your local grocery produce department and either plant it in a pot of soil in one whole piece or you can break it into pieces called rizones where the sections of it split. Put it into a rich but well drained pot of soil and plant approximately 2 inches deep. Water the top of the soil and let it set in full sun until it begins to sprout. Once the ginger is coming up then you can move it where it will get sun and shade both. If you live in an area where it will freeze out then you can bring your pot of ginger into your home during the winter months. In about 8 months you will be able to harvest your own ginger root. Ginger loves a moist humid and well drained soil and if you are somewhere where it is dry you may want to also mist your ginger plant with a spray bottle of water. 


Ginger has been know to have many healing benefits such as being found effective in treating or reducing pain caused by osteoarthritis, toothaches, alcaholism,fibromyalsia,frostbite, liver disease, flatulence, colic, indigestion, dysmenorrhea, hypertension and indigestion. It has many other benefits and has bee shown to help things such as motion sickness, pregnancey-nausea and dizziness, Also helps with nausea in chemothreapy patients and post-surgery patients. 

There are a lot of remedies for helping with Acid Reflux including this simple one with water and lemon and some others which you find down below. Just click on each photo to see the entire recipes.


Garlic is a very powerful herb. Did you know that Archiologist have discovered paintings of garlic in Egyptan tombs including in The Great Pyramid of Cheops, paintings dating back 3200 BC . In fact the Egyptians worshiped Garlic. 

Safety Cautions: Garlic is not recommended for people with stomach problems, or digestion , bleeding or a blood clotting disorder such as hemophylia . 

Generally recogognized as safe as food when used while pregnant or with lactation. 

Garlic can make birth controll pills less effective so be sure to ask your doctor about taking non hormonal birth control while taking garlic. 

Garlic may pass through breast milk and harm a nursing baby. DO NOT use garlic if you are breast feeding without asking a medical professional. 

NOT recommended safe as herbal/health supplement for children.

Take 10 to 15 garlic cloves and add them to a small pan and add about 1/2 cup of pure organic coconut oil, simmer on low for around 10 minutes. Let cool to slightly warm and then massage into your scalp with your finger tips, starting from the scalp while massaging get the oil all the way through your hair. Do this twice a week for excellent hair growth. Garlic contains everything your hair needs such as selenium which loads up your hair with all the vitamin E your hair needs It also contains , zinc, Sulphur which are are essential for hair growth. The sulfur helps your hair grow stronger and prevents breakage. Sulfur also acts as a building block for keratin which is the nutrient that makes your hair grow. It also helps treat aggravated scalp and dandruff and garlic is also high in vitiamin C which is great for the health of your hair because it boosts collagen production which also helps with hair growth. Coconut oil is known to be an excellent hair conditioner as it has the best moisture containing capacity compared to any other oil. Coconut oil not only cleanses but also moisturizes your scalp, it easily penetrates your scalp and opens the hair follicles. After applying to your scalp and hair take about 20 to30 minutes to leave in while relaxing and then shampoo and rinse as usual.


Just because an herb is a natural product of nature does not mean it is always safe for certain people. Anyone who is on prescrition medications should always ask the advice of a medical physician before taking any natural remedie along with their prescribed medicaitions. There is a lot to learn about Natural Remedies and you should always read and study all products before taking internally. When using an essential oil you want to make sure the essential oil is pure. Just because an advertisement says it is Organic, doesn't mean that it is. The essential oil industry is not regulated by the FDA so it is very easy for the suppliers to make claims about their products that are not true. Since you are paying a price money wise and you also want to protect your health it is a good idea to research your product company and the history of how the essential oils company grows, harvest , stores and bottles their essential oils. Here are some tips and questions to ask and seek out before making a decision on purchasing your oils. 

Ask for a recommendation

Do research

Know their storage practices

Their may be a great website and great reviews but that does not mean that what they are selling  is the highest quality. 

when purchasing Essential Oils never buy products that say "fragrance oil" , "perfume oil", "nature identical oil" These should be avoided at all times and are never to be used in a recipe or on the body for healing purposes because these products are most likely other oils and chemicals mixed together. 

Even though the oils may say "therapudic grade" or "aromatherapy grade" once again the FDA does not regulate these items and the sellers say and use those words to sell more. Some companies will even use the phrase "clinical grade" which once again is a selling technique. 

You need to look for the word 100% Pure on the label, know the storage techniques such as always in a dark bottle and never purchase an essential oil in a size larger than 4oz. because most likely it is not a 100% pure essential oil,  and you always want to make sure they do not contain eye dropper bulbs. 

Essential oils that are100% pure oils are very pricey so if you can purchase a bottle for a couple bucks you can guarentee that you are NOT getting a good grade of 100% pure essential oil. If you are purchasing an essential oil that is in a light color or clear bottle, once again you are not getting a pure essential oil regardless of what you are told. A good reputable seller will be able to tell you where their herbs are grown, how they are harvested and stored, how their oils are packaged and answer any questions you may have, so never be afraid to ask them, After all it is your money and your health that is being used. Please do some research of any herbs and how they are properly prepared to become pure essential oils. And Please never think that an essential oil is safe to just use in any way such as internally, or on your skin etc. These oils each have very specific uses and side effects. Some oils should never be used on children and some of them should not be used if you are taking prescription medications. or pregnant , or a nursing mother.  Herbs are very powerful natural plants with each having a specific healing power and use of their own. So don't forget, If you going to purchase 100% pure essential oils, you want to do your research very well. 



DO NOT give honey to children under 1 year of age.

Warning: DO NOT take cinnamon if you are pregnant.