Samuel Lucas Coleman(my grandson)

This is my mommy Heather Coleman. This is my journey from inside to now. Sam.

After many hours I made it into this big world! My mommy & daddy are so happy. My mommy & daddy are Heather & Chris Coleman. I love them so much already & they love me so much also.

This is me sleeping in my first bed in the hospital. Everyone was really excited to see my first photos. .

This is my daddy, He loves me very much, He holds me so gently.

My mommy got me this snuggly little bag to hold me in while she is walking. I love being close to my mommy's heart, she is so pretty.

I am growing and learning to hold my pacifier. I feel so warm in my little outfit that my auntie Regina got for me.

I can see really well now, I love holding my Honey Bunny and watching everything.

My mommy wraps me up so I stay warm after my bath.

Resting on my mommy's hand, what better place in the world is there?

I'm sleeping with my favorite toy, My bunny who we call 'Honey Bunny'

I love taking lots of naps. Mommy always makes me so cute a snuggly.

This is me after mommy gave me a nice warm bath & put my little hat on, I love her so much.

My mommy gives me so many kisses. She holds me a lot & it makes me feel safe & loved.

My grandma gave me bunches of kisses when she first saw me.

Grandma just kept holding me. I slept in her arms for along time. She loves me very much.

I am so warm & cute in my little blue hat. I think I really like it.

I am growing fast & I like wearing big boy clothes now . Mommy always makes me look so cute.

This is my first thing that big people call Easter. I like it & I like to make funny poses when my mommy takes photos of me.

I love the beach. I stayed in my chair for a long time. Mommy said I was a good boy.

My mommy dressed me up & I look so cute in this hat. I have lots of cute & funny hats.

I can play now. I have this chair with lot's of fun toys on it.

I'm doing what my daddy is doing .My daddy makes silly faces but I can do it also now, just like daddy.

Well... My mommy says I am on the way to my grandmas house. I think I will have fun but it is a long way from my house.

I do like being at my grandma's house, She got me this rocky giraffe for my first Christmas.

Grandma & Bobby took me to eat at Milton's pizza in Raleigh. All of my family was there and I loved eating pasta.

Hey , look at me! I got to go to Marbles Kid's Museum in Raleigh also while at my grandma's house.

Oh boy! Did I have a great time riding this little cow at the Marbles Kid's Museum. It wasn't a real cow but I had a great time.

I am now a big boy & can feed myself . I love peanut butter right out of the jar. This is great!!!

I loved picking strawberries with mommy , I ate so much while picking them. My face was all red & I looked so cute.

I am now 16 months old & I love doing lots of things. I love walking, dancing, watching cartoons & taking a walk with mommy everyday.

Look how much I have grown. Sometimes I fall asleep in my favorite chair in my room because I play so much all day I get really sleepy. I still have my Honey Bunny with me at all times.

I have the best mommy in the world. She is the perfect mommy for me. See you guys when I get a little older. Thanks for looking at my photos. Love, Sam.

I am getting a lot bigger now. I can walk alone anywhere I go to visit but my mommy got me this cute little monkey back pack that has a little leash on it so I don't wonder away from her and my daddy. This is my visit to the Brevard Co. Zoo & I love it!!!

This is me with mommy & daddy at the zoo. We fed the Rainbow Lorikeet birds & I love them, I loved it when they came to us to eat nectar from a little cup. What a great day we had.

Here I am at the petting zoo on Merritt Island. I live in Florida & there is so many things for me see & the weather is always so nice and hot. I loved the baby calf the most & they even let me sit on her and I gave her a great big hug. Boy!, What a fun day I had.

I love my room & my little bed, It is just the perfect size for me. I have so many toys & fun things to play with. Sometimes I just go into my room and sit & rest for awhile. Mommy made it so nice & comfy for me.

Here is me & mommy. We took a walk at the park, it was so hot that our cheeks got red & then we had to go home and cool off. I love to be outside.

I'm on my way to Sonic for Happy Hour night! I love milkshakes and tonight we are all having a nice cold milkshake together. Yay!!

I sure do love my mommy, I have grown so much this year and I know how to do many things now.

Yea, I know i'm cute.

Me & mom again.

A day at the Buddhist Temple with my mom, This place was really great. We went with my Aunt Gina and had a really good time.

I love looking at my books, I stay so busy some days that I just don't know what to do next.

Me & my mon attended Boo at the Zoo here in Florida where I live, I got to dress up like a punk rocker!!!

I totally rocked my punk hair !

Me & mom in front of the green screen at the Zoo, this was really fun.

Such a great time taking the seeds out of this little pumkin.

Oh my goodness how adorable my grandson Sam is..... He has grown so much over the past year and is so intelligent that he out smarts us all. He loves this little Sprite bug that his mommy got him. He used to have one just like it when she was 5 years old.

Hope you enjoy Sam's photos