Aug. 21, 2020

Carter Caves State Park

This may be a little off subject but not really since it envolves plants. Each year when I was a child I spent a lot of time in the summer at this park. I was a teenager around 14 years old when I spent time there with one of my class mates Robin Biddle. We had the best time walking through he forests looking for wild flowers. This is one of the the prettiest peacful parks you will find in Eastern Kentucky. Each year they give a Wild-Flower tour where you hike and learn about the flowers. There are many many types that grow here including Trillims, Sweet William, Iris, May-Apple, Jack in the Pulpit, Larkspur, Ginger, just name a few. There are streams and natural water falls, multiple caves and a nice Lodge with a dining room.  Before we left the park I spotted many of my old favorites and coud not resist bringing some back with me (although I wasn't supposed to lol) I know the plant life well enough to know how not to damage the exsisting plants and to only take a small start. I brought back some little Iris and a piece of the wild ginger root. They did come back up this year. The Trillim is something that you cannot dig up as it's single tubular root will grow straight down from 5-8ft into the ground . If you ever want a great vacation go to this park it is located in Carter County Kentucky, and then you can also go to the next town over in Rowan County Kentucky to see the great Cave Run Lake.