Aug. 21, 2020

Orange Tree

I love my Orange tree, it was given to me by my best friend Janet when it was only about 16" tall, I have had it now for many years and named it Janet after my friend who is now gone from this world.  It has to be moved inside during the winter months as it is a real fruit tree and produces oranges. I don't know how much you know about Citrus trees but they all have very large long thorns on them and can be a pure devil when moving them around. We fight with this tree every year when moving it inside because as you can see it is around 10 ft. tall now. Each year I trim about 3ft off of it during the summer before moving it back inside just to make it the 10ft tall. The blooms from Citrus trees produce a wonderful scent and can be used to place in water bottles to make a fragrant water to drink. If someone offered me a thousand dollars for this tree I wouldn't take it just because my dear friend gave it to me.