Aug. 21, 2020

Moon Flower

I love Moon-Flower!! Every year I feel that my plant garden is incomplete without these beautiful flowers. The moon flower is just as it says, The bud comes up through a large long tubular shape and it starts to come out the day before it blooms, once the twisted bud starts coming from the tube the entire thing will be around 6" in length. By the next day it will begin to open at dusk, if it is a clear night with a full moon you will be able to see a glowing ring around the outside of this magnificent flower. The fragrance is like nothing you have ever smelled, it is so wonderful and the flower will only stay open until the next day during early morning and will wilt and fall over as soon as the sun rises. The plant will produce huge seed pods that are ball shaped with sticky thorns on the outside, the thorns are very sharp and will pierce the skin once the seed pod has dried and turns brown. If the seed pods are not cut off and collected they will burst open and hundreds of seeds will fall onto the ground and the next Spring you will have many many moon-flower plants. The moth on this flower is a Hummingbird moth, one of my favorite moths as they love moon flowers and look like tiny hummingbirds.