Jun. 11, 2020

These Plants love the Western side of your house.

Weigela, Juniper, Crepe Myrtle, Knock out Roses, Jasmine, Elder flower, Magnolia, Camellia, Crab Apple, Campanulas, Barberries, Geraniums, Flox, Daffodils, Lirope, most flower bulbs will grow good light whether eastern or western sun, If western sun you would want to make sure they were not real shaded. Herbs also do great in full sun whether western or eastern. The trick to any good garden is good fertile soil, a good fertilizer each couple weeks in the growing and blooming months. Alson with sufficent water. The shrub in the photo is Weigela, it is a beautiful shrub that comes in several different colors and it loves the Western sun, or full sun. What a beauty.