Aug. 16, 2021


Since this page is about favorite things, I wonder what your favorite things are? I honestly think that most things are my favorite things lol, but honestly I do love many things. I love flowers, baking, cooking, painting, and writing. I love taking an old piece of furniture and making it look bright and new or using it for something other than what it is intended to be used for. I love it when we have a nice cold Thanksgiving Day, It really makes it fun to have the oven on and to be cooking the entire night before. That smell of all of those wonderful aromas that remind me of Thanksgiving from way back to my childhood to visiting my granny's house Thanksgiving day. Other favorite thing... Christmas, all those wonderful pine scented candles, Cookies, peppermint, cinnamon sticks and gingerbread, Oh my !.Can you just smell of those scents if you close your eyes and imagine?

My sense of smell and taste have always been such a gift. I can walk into a room and smell eveything from what has been cooked, sprayed, poured or worn literally. I can taste a food and little bite by bite taste evey single ingredient that is in it. Scent is so important to me and I love the scent of lilacs, roses,Iris, and jasmine all of which make the best infused water you will ever drink. I love taking bottled water, putting those blooms in there and letting it set until the taste is in it, especially the Jasmine flower water. Another few of my favorite things. 

Whatever your favorite things are, I hope you take a moment out of your busy day to remember them, or maybe to do some of your favorite things that make you happy. Whether it is listening to your favorite song, baking your favorite cookies, cake or breads, cooking your favorite dish of food, or just burning your favorite scented candle and having a cup of your favorite tea or coffee. Life is short,take time to enjoy your favorite things