May. 22, 2017


Home made herbed vinegars are very easy to make and very unexpensive also. All you need is a canning jar with a lid, or you can purchase a decorative container like the ones in the photo. Either gather fresh herbs from your garden or purchase some differant types of herbs from your local Farm market or grocery produce department. Next you want to make sure your containers are clean and also wash the herbs. Place the herbs into your containers and then pour some apple cider vinegar over top. Seal the containers and allow to sit at least 5-7 days before using. I love to add some red hot peppers or even pepper corns to my vinegars for color and also taste. The vinegars can be used for salads, over meats or what ever you prefer. I also love to use mine tossed with fresh sliced cucumbers and tomatoes along with a little olive oil.