May. 29, 2020

Live each day to the fullest! What does that mean exactly? Does it mean you have to do something extrodinary? No, It simply means to do what you enjoy or do something you need to get done but do it with gratefulness that you are alive and able to do it. Do it with joy & peace in your heart and you will feel accomplishment when your task is completed. It also means to just do something you enjoy doing, something fun, something relaxing but to live in the moment for that day and time. 

Take a moment to think of what you can do for others. A simple phone call , visit or even a smile could change another person's day for the best. Whatever you do, do it with a grateful heart. 

Apr. 11, 2020

What has everyone been up to lately while enduring the shelter in place orders? I am going to be very honest with you in saying it is a trying time lol. I really love the fact that my boys are home from school but at the same time I have gotten really messed up as far as my daily schedule and routine. How about you? I am very fortunate to still be working the same hours even though my office is closed to the public. I can get a lot more accomplished without the in and out traffic but I also miss contact with others. As for being at home all the time these days,I am kind of use to being a home-body but it is differant when you do it because you want to and not because you have to and also have no places to visit without concern of getting sick. That is just no fun. 

This week we are gearing up for the boys to do their classwork online & we are very excited about that. This will give them the oppurtunity to get back on track somewhat & it is a chance for me to get back on a routine. The kids have been doing a lot of live online gaming with their best friends so this has been great for them. For me, I have been doing some work in my outside flowers, making new pots of plants and rearranging the old ones and cleaning up outside a little. Anyone been doing a lot more cooking? I have to say that I cook a lot to begin with but for the past month.. WOW!! They are eating me out of house & home. I am actually cooking while typing this. Everyone seems to be sleeping in, bypassing breakfast and eating lunch instead which is ok with me. It has also been a great opportunity to use up all items we already had stocked up in the cabinets and then we can replace with updated new ones. If I make boxed items such as hamburger helper which I just made (cheesy macaroni one) I try to add in other items such as frozen peas or brocoli and maybe use some real cheese. I also spice it up a little with some Korean red pepper. The boys love all types of foods and we don't eat a lot stuff like hamburger helper or hamburger so this will be a good treat. I hope that evereyone is making the best of the situation, enjoying time with your kids and or spouses and staying positive. Remeber that we are all in this together!!!! 

Jan. 7, 2020

If you are looking for a fantastic book for your child or grandchild please take time to order this book from Amazon. It is a beautifully written book by my child-hood friends Rick & Vickie Stamper. It brings a sweet story & beautiful illistrations that is sure to please everyone. 

Closer...Closer...Roxy tripped over a branch, rolled down the hill, and landed onto the field. When she looked up, the man with the net was standing right over top of her with a big smile on his face."You're not what I was chasing", he said, "but you will do".This book is based on a true story about a puppy named Roxy, that wanders off from her mother and finds her self in trouble.Come join Roxy on her adventures!