Jan. 8, 2022


I hope everyone is having a great New Year, I suppose we will all take it as it comes, hope for the best, and then try to make the best out of whatever comes our way. So what big plans do you have for 2022? Maybe you don't plan and just receive whatever comes your way. Or, Maybe you make resolutions and set goals for yourself? Me?, Well, I always have goals and plans, usually don't stick to them all but most of the time end up just doing the regular things I enjoy doing which is baking, cooking, painting, working in my plants in the spring through summer and hanging out at our local markets, town festivals etc. I have got to get back on the wagon to better health for sure. Hoping to begin some juicing this week. I really did not want to turn 60 this month and feel like I do right now. I'm kind of sluggish and slower, although I rarely set down long enough to do anything online. My goal this year is to get an online communication going, maybe some live podcast with others who just want to have a discussion to help each other with certain issues or hobbies, Not sure what all they will be but I think live would be better than the FB pages because they just don't allow people to discuss how they really feel on a page and end up taking the comments off. I have really gotten into house plant collecting . I have always had many plants and several house plants but this time around I have been on the search for new ones, hard to find ones, and rare ones. It is so much fun to do and when you walk into a greenhouse or a market and see the plant you have been searching for it is the biggest WOW! feeling. I have had a lot of conversations with others this year wheather it be via FB, phone calls, in person etcso I am so excited to get moved into a larger place where I can do videos, hold classes on cooking and painting etc. So much fun. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year ans step out on faith and do the things you have always dreamed of doing.