Aug. 22, 2020


How are you doing since all of this Covid has been going on? Have you been ok or have you been stressed? A lot of changes going on right now huh? Well, let me share a little of how I have had to process all of this. First of all fear crept in, to say the least fear crept in to  so many areas that I had no idea even existed within myself. Being at home more but Thank God I am a home body to begin with as is my two boys who are 14 years old. Secondly I started getting stressed out and becoming overwhelmed at how different everything around me seemed if & when I happened to have to run out to the grocery or any other store. Seeing everyone in masks literally caused  a moment of anxiety where I was just frozen while sitting in my vehicle at Walmart and could not get out of my vehicle for the emotional feelings and crying. I left and came back home. 

Then the thinking set in. I have always been a thinker, years ago while having many problems going on in my personal life, stressing out, being fearful I had no choice but to either just collapse or take on the state of mind with what is now my favorite two words in the world "Be Still" When you are still and you do not make rush decisions and you listen to your inner self, your gut feeling which is a gift from God, you then can funtion with more peace and make wiser decisions. 

The problems going on right now with people having difficulties in their marrigages, with their children, with their finances, with lots of other things, Those issues were already here long before this Virus came along, They were just not discussed, they were not taken seriously and sorted out, even finances were probably not where they should have been with no money in savings in case of a difficult time or job loss, because let's face it most of us live pay check to pay check and never think of a major crisis beyond an illness or death. 

We have built our lives around material possessions such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, pocket books, cars, and anything else that can give us a quick fix to make us feel better for the moment, but all of the underlying issues are still there within us. We needed these these things to make us feel good or like we had some type of power and in an instance the HIgher Power said "Enough" Everything  humans worshiped has been taken away, all over the universe, the clothes, the fame, the money, dining out, jobs, movie theaters, concerts, it's all been removed for right now. There is no use for all those shoes or the totes full of designer handbags that I took to put into storage, I am honestly ashamed to say that I could not possibly even tell you how many clothes that I found in my closet with the tags hanging on them that I put into those totes and took to storage. There is nowhere to go to wear them! lol. 

I love nice things, I have never worshiped them per say and I have done without many things early on in my life, but I have always, always been thankful and grateful to God for what I do have. This time has been a time for all of us to reflect on ourselves, it has truly brought out many sides of our personalities regardless of how good we thought we were before. So today I hope that anyone going through anything that is reading this will change their way of thinking and know that THIS IS NOT A TIME OF CRISIS this is a time of DEVINE POSSIBILITIES!! To spend time with family, to discuss any problems that there may be, to create a new finance plan for future purposes and a time to hold tight and be grateful for the many things that are right in front of you that matter most. FAMILY.