May. 9, 2018


Something on my mind since yesterday. Did you ever meet someone who the entire time you have known them they are nice one moment and then the next moment,  or the next day they are just this non caring arrogant human being? I have met several of those type in my lifetime and I have come to the conclusion that you may as well not even dwell on it as they themselves have no idea what their own issue really is. Or do they? Of all things on earth the human being will be the absolute thing that blows your mind most of the time. 

In order to become the bigger person we must step back from all situations and not think to hard about them but instead just stay away from them. I would call myself a very simple person if compared to others, I try to treat others well and as I would like to be treated myself. I give freely to anyone in need, whether it be food, clothing, a needed conversation or to just listen if they need to talk. I will choose my peace of mind and quiet time over money any day. We don't always know what each of us has going on in our lives that may be hurtful, painful, emotional, or even financial that can cause us as human beings to be in many differant emotional state of mind. However, each of us should step back and think before we lash out at someone who may be in need, including myself. 

I have however learned a lesson with each time someone seems to lash out at me, make a silly comment that makes no sense what so ever, or who is just plain rude. I think about it very deeply, then my conclusion is that I myself will not be humiliated, or put down just because someone else is having a bad day, or is just a non caring person. I am bigger than that, I want to always be at peace in my mind and  therefore I let it go. So in writing this at such an early hour this morning, I am writing not just for you , the person reading this article, but also for myself to feel release from the event that happened to me recently. I learned a long time ago that if you hang on to things that hurt you, or anger you, you are actually hurting no one but yourself. 

I love life! I love MY life and my family. I love peace of mind and I am so grateful that I have a caring, loving heart. I am grateful that God gave me many talents to keep me occupied and to teach my children many things. I will choose peace over war any day. I will choose family over work any day. And I will choose having a good day, regarless of others anytime. I wake up in the morning totally grateful and thankful that I even woke up. I do 3.5 hours of work at home beore I even go to work because I like things to be in order. I make sure my children are not only dressed and look nice before taking them to school, but that they also have a nice hot breakfast before hand. I love that small amount of time in the mornings before the world wakes up and goes into the hustle and bustle of the day. So I hope today you have a fantastic day because I plan to do so myself. Better yourself today. Think before you are rude to someone no matter your own emotional state of mind, and do something life changing! As for me, Im hoping off of here, jucing my veggies and preparing for a great day!