Apr. 30, 2018


I think Spring has actually arrived! Anyone else out there tired of the warm to cold weather and bringing your plants from inside to outside and then back inside again. I cannot tell you exactly how many times I have done that this year. Right when I would get so excited to be able to plant a flower or my seeds the weather forcast would report that once again we would have freezing or near freezing temperatures. I honestly didnt know if I should be excited to work outside or just continue making cold weather foods and staying inside. 

Today I actually have gotten several things done that I have wanted to do in the past week including painting a small Bistro table and chairs that I have placed in my back lawn area. I am  very  limited on space so it fit perfectly in the area and gave us a place for the kids to sit outside while eating if they like. I have been making a couple differant types of bread and that has been so much fun. Last week I made Pita bread and today I made Naan bread, both of which are on my recipes, page 1. I loved both of the breads and the boys enjoyed them even more. 

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I would love to do, I had also planned on painting a picture today but that didnt work out timewise. Maybe another day. Be Blessed and do some baking and some planting this Spring!!!