Mar. 20, 2018

Happy Spring!!

Happy Spring Friends! And thank you for stopping by my blog page. It seems like yesterday that I was saying Happy New Year. Boy does time fly! I am so anxious for the coming months and enjoy so much watching the flowers pop up around us and all of the beautiful trees blooming. I can't even begin to tell you what my favorite flower would be although I do have some that always seem just as beautiful every year that I see them. 

I hope that in the following months you take time to notice all of the beauty around you, and I hope that each day you decide to make that day special. Maybe something as simple as adding a new flower or herb variety to your present flower-beds or taking time to make a nice pot of fresh herbs to sit beside your front or back door.  

Take time to do something motivating for yourself, maybe new eating or exercise habits, a new hairstyle or making new friends. How about asking an exsisting friend to do one of those things with you and making it a special day for the both of you. 

Life can be very exhausting at times and I think the easiest way to get through those times is to just take a deep breath in and then exhale.  Be kind to others, pray for those less fortunate, and forgive your enemies because honestly they are suffering more than you. 

Remember that a kind , loving heart will keep you young!!!!