Jan. 15, 2018

Happy New Year

Well, welcome to 2018~! I hope everyone had a great holiday season I know that mine was extremely busy and a little chaotic but also nice. Am I glad that it is all done now? YES! & YES! . I love Christmas, don't get me wrong. And I love my family and being able to see all of my children and now my little grandchildren. What part of it do I not like? The shopping part. The hussle and the rushing of looking , searching, purchasing, Im so over all of that part of Christmas. I mean who thought up this rediculous thing of on one day a year whatever someone wants, you just go out and purchase it? Oh yea and I did say what someone wants? You want to know why I said that? Because it's now also come down to they tell what they want. What?? Are you kidding me? Not only do we buy gifts but we now have an assembly line of people who are telling us what to buy for them on this one day per year. What? I mean really? 

Oh my, I just cannot deal with it all anymore. To me, and it may just be me because I do have very sentimental values. Christmas is about the birth of Christ! To me I am celebrating the birth of Christ, and honestly that just doesn't go along with buying electronics, perfumes, and  designer clothing. lol.  I sometimes start thinking of how we have commercialized everything right down to the most important date of a Savior who came to die for us, on a cross, who was beaten to near death, then killed on that cross, buried in a tomb, and rose from the dead all to save us from our sins and give us eternal life. 

Even if you do not believe as I believe, who in the world got this day to where it is now?  I really want to focus on doing things different for the next Christmas. I want to have a  totally relaxed and peaceful day that day. I may take a vacation to another place , or I may spend my Christmas somewhere else. You know, I have not been to my mother's home for Christmas since I was around 27 years old and I am now as of tomorrow, 56 years old. I may do that. Or I may spend it on a beach but for me personally it has to be changed. I may have one last big blow out before I go off into la la land of not doing anything but either way its got to change. 

I am on the search this year for the perfect house. It's exhausting finding a house that has eveything that one would like to have. I need a nice and large kitchen since that is where I spend the majority of my time, then again I may change that also. I really want to have lots of room and especially need a room for all of my exercise equipment. The boys are getting older now and they have to start exercising more also. Anyway my mind is going a thousand miles an hour with thoughts of what was and what will be and what I would like for things to be so all I can do is pray that it all comes together into what actually is. As people I think we all stress to much on certain days, or during certain times, so the only one who can change that is ourselves. I wish for everyone a great 2018 and hope that each and every one of us take time to really enjoy our lives, focus on the importance of kindness and doing for others and for praying for our nation . Take that trip to the beach and put your feet in the sand while watching the sunrise. Take a hike in the woods in the spring and notice all of the wild flowers that will be appearing through the leaves on the forest floor. Go to a local farmers market and be grateful for all the hard working farmers that provide us with all of the beautiful fruits and vegetables that we enjoy eating so much.  Love more and worry less.  Enjoy the rain. Enjoy the wind. Enjoy the Sun. And always remeber  to laugh a lot and be grateful for all that you have.