Nov. 14, 2017

A Day to Remember..Or Forget!

First let me say that I am Grateful each day that I wake up, no matter the situation. With that being said I have to also say that this day was very overwhelming to say the least. I woke up feeling anxious, nervous and totally overwhelmed. Why? I have no idea but I know that it was a task just to function and do my daily chores today.  Do you ever have days like this?, I am sure that you do. I always have to just keep pushing through even with tears at times. The more I tried to do the worse things just seem to get. I had plans to do a lot of things, like decorate some more for Christmas, put the wreath on the front door, put up a second Christmas tree, and the list goes on. Instead I found myself struggling just to get the floors vacumed and the laundry done while also trying to rearrange some household items and make the beds. 

It seems like on days when I am already overwhelmed that anything and everything that could possibly happen, happens! Or I get one phone call after another from a bill collector, a telemarketer or just an annoying knock at the front door. In the midst of trying to accomplish what I set out to do I also remember other things that I should have already done. By mid afternoon I was on the verge of either giving up completely or thinking maybe I should have just stayed in bed this morning. Either of those would have probably been a good choice at the time except for one thing, I don't have the personality of a quitter, I will keep going and going even in the midst of a storm. Where other's give up or give in I power on through by what ever energy I have left inside of me (which was very little today). I wouldn't even say there was any energy inside of me so I suppose I got through it on a wing and a prayer. 

It's strange how life can throw things at you one after the other like you're standing in the middle of a ball field just waiting to get hit by the next ball. The day before was a great day and I had so many plans and was feeling like I was on top of the world with great joy and that all was well in my own little world. But today however was a totally differant outlook on things. I was even sitting in the carpool line thinking how strange it was that I was there but no one else ever pulled up behind me when what to my surprise was that I got there an hour and 45 minutes to early. WOW! Example of how messed up my day was, or rather I should say my mind was. By evening I said "enough" Made myself a cup of coffee and called it a day. As I set reflecting on just how hectic and overwhelming the day was my mind started thinking of everything good instead of all the things that had gone wrong. The boys & I had dinner and then watched a movie and all was good in the world once more. The moral to the story is this...We all have bad days, but everyday is a good day if we wake up each morning to have a new start. What we do with each new day and what we make of it is totally up to us regardless of the circumstances and the situations of the day.