Oct. 2, 2017


I had a wonderful day Saturday walking around old downtown Wake Forest with Bobby. The weather was perfect with a slight breeze and such a crisp feeling of early fall. The shops were so pretty and the owners were all so kind and  helpful. 

We went to almost every store in that area and I was very excited to find a wonderful candy shop as well. The candy shop had so many items that will work great to decorate my cakes. We left Wake Forest and went over to Raleigh( everytime I say over to Raleigh I think of the Andy Griffith show) lol. We went to the Raleigh Farmers market and as always everything was beautiful. The pumpkins and gourds are just spectacular and I love looking at them every year. I can never pass up the bread shop even though I'm constantly making homemmade bread myself. 

We had lunch at the state seafood restaurant and of coarse it was as delicious as always. After we  we ate we felt like a couple of stuffed  flounder , and probably more like a stuffed flounder  out of water! As we walked around looking at all the beautiful homegrown fruits and vegetables I thought of how fortunate we are to live in a country where we have such a Devine choice of foods. People who work so hard growing these crops to make their living and loading up so early in the morning to come set up and sell. Regardless of the money part they love what they do and strive to makes us, their customers happy. 

I go there so often that I can tell you what location the vendors are in from the Yah's best spices to the girl who sells the Fantasia white corn, or maybe "The Cookie People" who sell the best oatmeal cookies you will ever eat, to the oriental lady where you can purchase fresh cut flowers such as Daliahs, lillies,Xenia,Sunflowers and more.  Everyone is different and I know for myself I am a person who takes in everything in my surroundings such as the environment, the smells and the beauty. The hustle and bussel of the talking moving people and the colors  of all the foods . 

I  hope if you get a chance you take the time to not only go to the Raleigh Farmers market but to also just take a moment to be grateful for all you have around you, Wheather it be your family and friends, your children, great food or just the beauty of the fall. Take it all in today visually and in your heart because tomorrow is not promised to us.