Sep. 22, 2017


Today will be a day to get a few things done. That's what I think as I sit here typing and knowing good and well it never goes as you hope it would. lol. I always have tons of plans in my head that I want to accomplish during the day but for some odd reason it never  happens. Both myself and now my kids are sick with this cold stuff that is going around and honestly I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. As Summer ends and Fall rolls around I am so anxious for cooler weather. The summertime was just to hot this year. I love it when the weather cools, the leaves turn bright colors and there is just enough breeze blowing to make for a perfect day. So as I set here this morning Im thinking of all the things that I did not accomplish during the spring or summer and hoping to accomplish more during the fall. 

Durning the fall and winter I love painting with acrylic paints. I also love baking and making candies. What type of things do you like to do in the fall and winter months? I would be anxious to hear back from anyone who would like to send me messages. Maybe I could get some photos of things you have done and then post them on here to share with others. The kids love to decorate for fall and love doing the entire house. We spend a day decorating inside and out and then the next day cooking something nice to eat and serve on the fall dishes. Yea sounds a little corney I suppose but its a lot of fun for the kids and a good way for us to do something together . Seems like everything that is Pumpkin Spice scented is now on the shelves of all stores, all over the Facebook feed and all over the internet as well as T.V. I love pumpkin pie and I also love pumpkin soup. Not so big on the pumpkin latte' and cappucino etc. Yesterday I did buy  pumpkin scented wax melts for my wax warmer and that smelled great. Well, whatever it is you are looking forward to for this fall I hope you enjoy it and do something fun. I think I will make some homemade bread today and maybe post a few new recipes with a little pumpkin in them.  Let's be grateful for today and make the best of whatever it is we set out to accomplish. Or maybe just rest in the joy of this day.