May. 31, 2016

Indian Curried Chicken

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, about other cultures & foods etc. I have always enjoyed different types of food from other countries and will try just about any type of food. Along with foods, come rituals, cultural ways, styles & the most important things such as family and beliefs. I really like to stay positive but I also want to give my honest opinion on things I have learned and how it makes me feel. While looking and studying foods, cultures and the rituals that go along with many other countries, besides happiness & the joy of learning I have also became rather sad or emotional about the American ways. We have holidays and we all enjoy preparing Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, & we all have different little things that we do that have been passed down for generations, but this is not what I am talking about. We go to church on Sundays & a lot of us attend the midweek meetings or groups and get together but this isn't what I am talking about either. What I am getting at is that with many other countries & religions it is a way of daily life. Example, We as American people usually jump up when the alarm goes off, jump into the shower, dress, drive to work, work all day, come home, make dinner , do homework, fall into bed and then start over again with the same routine for the next 4 days of the week.(by the week end we are exhausted) How many of us get up and either Kneel beside the bed to pray, or stand or sit and begin the day with a daily prayer of thanks. Second thing, How many of us have many friends and family members sitting around a table with us either at their home or our own, with everyone listening to wonderful music or instruments playing in the background and talking of nothing except how wonderful the food is? Just living in that moment of time being grateful for fellowship, food, laughter. I must say, that this little adventure of culture & foods has really changed my way of thinking & I want to incorporate this style in my day to day life. I plan on home schooling my twin boys after school is out this month, and my plans for teaching them is one that I myself think they will enjoy much more than just sitting in a classroom all day. Of coarse we will have to still learn the basics & will have to take the tests at the end of the year, but my plans for Geography, history, etc. will be of not only learning of location , but of people, culture, foods, music, how they live, love , eat, pray & the value of family and being together. I plan to have one night a month until I learn how to prepare with ease, and then turn it into one night a week where we will eat foods from around the world. I find this very exciting and something for the entire family, while we will also all be learning at the same time. My twins are bi-racial so it is also very important to me to celebrate Kwanza & what it stands for, to decorate, wear the costumes and to do this with each thing we celebrate such as Mexican, Mediterranean, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Cuban, Italian, Jamaican , and well, you get the idea right? We want to grow our own herbs that we will use in our dishes. We grow many herbs already that we dry or freeze and use on a daily basis. Life is just to short to not learn in a peaceful environment. It also to short not to enjoy all you can about each human lifestyle on this wonderful planet. I hope that each one of you reading this blog will have an interest or desire to try new foods & make your family time a wonderful time of food, learning, and making new memories for your own home. Oh yea & the photo of the curried chicken. We will be making this next. And we wont be using eating utensils as most Indian foods including the rice are eaten with your hands and fingers. Yummm!!! Let me know what you think of my idea, and you can share your comment on my page. I would love to hear your opinion or your own ideas.