May. 20, 2016

Chopped Kale

We have all seen the Fresh Express salads at our local Walmart, Kroger, Foodlion etc. These salads are in the produce department and come ready to serve with the dressing , nuts, croutons or other side items. This particular salad has chopped kale, split Brussel sprouts, and shredded broccoli. It also had poppy seed dressing(I threw it away)but kept the pumpkin seeds and the cranberries. Instead of eating it cold, I sprayed a non stick pan with 0 calorie cooking spray and cooked until just tender and a little browned, I threw in some chopped pieces of prepared chicken breast and cooked until heated. Once hot I placed it on a plate and topped it with the nuts, cranberries & some spicy chimichurri. It made an awesome quick healthy meal. The taste was great and a change from bland heavy foods. I loved it & will actually make it often after trying it. I am always trying new things and making things up or changing them around. When you are counting calories you would be amazed at what you can come up with.