Sep. 24, 2015


I am so anxious for the Fall season along with the cool weather. Anyone who loves to bake I am sure will appreciate the season also. Since my favorite things in the world to bake are cakes I will be doing a lot of Old Fashioned Stack cakes. If you have never eaten a cake such as this I hope this season I can peek your interest in trying them. They are very simple to make and really hold up well in the freezer for Holidays and special occasions. I am always happy to share a recipe with you for the asking, I just don't post many of them as it is very time consuming to type it all out. I don't mind at all however to email them to you. To give you a general idea of an Old Fashion stack cake that we love in Kentucky I have reposted a photo for you to view. This one has filling between the layers of Apple Butter which is the most popular in the area I grew up in.