I love birds and I needed a picture for above the bed so I painted this little bird on the limb of an Asian fruit tree. I wanted the background to have a similar look of an oriental screen.

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My favorite of all times is Red Riding Hood.

Flamingo Moon

Flower Power

Well, it looks like we just got the worst of the winter we will probably have, Snow, sleet, rain all at the same time. Thank goodness is will soon be March and we can look forward to the blooming of daffodils, wysteria, forsythia, and the dogwood trees. I have a lot to focus on this Spring and am very excited to do more paintings, and some crafts that I have found. I a m also going to try to focus on getting healthier. I have enrolled in our new local fitness center and am so happy to take the first steps to being a better me.

Was doing a little dreaming of Italy yesterday.

Memories of my grandmother's little house in Kentucky. I spent many happy times here. And ate many Sunday dinners in this little house .


Big Blue

Moonlight Tale

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    In memory of my best friend Barb's little rooster that she loved so much.

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  • Hank The Heron

    Memories of the Heron in Florida.

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