Mar. 16, 2015

Salmon with Chili Lime Sauce

Today I enjoyed being at home and cooking meals ahead for the week. We are really trying to eat better, cut out the fast food, sugars, and breads. I made some salmon with a chili lime sauce, chicken with ginger and lemon. I really loved the way the lemon & ginger tasted because I sliced it extra thin on the mandaline and then put it on the griddle with some olive oil. I layed thinly sliced chicken breast on top of it and cooked it until the chicken was done and while turning it everything browned together. The salmon I also done on the griddle and made a sauce for it in the chopper that consisted of chili sauce,lime juice and zest, fresh ginger and fresh cranberries. I mixed it until everything was chopped and smooth and after the salmon was done poured it over the top.