Feb. 12, 2015


Oh my goodness, Last night we decided we wanted Chicken Pot Pie so I pulled out all of the ingredients and started cooking. Well, as usual the the food amount began to grow.  I have never been able to cook anything in small amounts. There have always been children in my home and neighborhood kid, and friends who always came by to eat my cooking.

This pot pie is actually one of the best I have ever eaten and I just made up the recipe one evening when everyone was wanting something different. The recipe is as follows.

3 cups of cooked diced chicken

4 cups of mixed vegetables

one large choppped onion sauted

3 small cans of cream soup

bisquick baking mix

shredded cheddar

4 pieces of crispy fried bacon , crumbled

1 stick of real butter

Mix all ingredients except for cheddar cheese, bacon, butter and bisquick in a large pot, stir on low heat until all is heated through. Melt the butter in a bowl  and pour half on the bottom of the baking dish, . Mix the bisquick according to the instructions on the box for biscuits but make thin enough to spoon half of it onto the bottom of the baking dish. Pour the heated veggie mix over the batter. Next put the rest of the bisquick on top of the casserole then pour the rest of the butter over the entire top. Bake at 400 until it starts to get brown then add shredded cheddar and crumble bacon and continue to bake until golden brown. Hope you enjoy this recipe.