Welcome to my website. Created to share my Cakes, Juicing, Recipes , Artwork, Blogs, and Family Photos. You can view all other pages by clicking menu.  Please like the pages you enjoy and if you comment or have questions they will be received through my email and I will get back to you. Check out my newest page called "Homemade & More" . You can also join my private Facebook Group called Food, Family & Gardening to share your own recipes, garden ideas, and family fun and photos. The Cake in this photo is my chocolate Mocha cake with a home cooked fudge icing with a bit of coffee flavor. I love making this cake. 

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Certified in the following:

Hoslistic Remedies

Advanced Holistic  Remedies

Holistic Home and Beauty

Essential Oils






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Kind regards

Rhonda O'Neal


19.10.2021 02:19

Marsha Scott

Hi Rhonda!!
The cakes and cupcakes you have pictures of on here are beautiful!! You are truly a professional!! I tip my invisible hat to you girlfriend!! Are you still working at the bakery?

19.10.2021 03:24

Rhonda L Oneal

Hi Marsha, I don't work at a bakery, these are cakes that I personally make for people. Thank you for your compliment.

13.08.2021 12:11

Kimya Miller

Hello Mrs. Rhonda, we talked on the phone from Healthy Blue. I am looking at your website and excited for me and my daughter to see what we can do together. Thanks for sharing you website with me.

05.01.2021 16:00

Krystal Eldridge

Thank you Mrs. Ronda

02.06.2020 14:57


I love all of your ideas and recipes

03.06.2020 02:51

Rhonda L Oneal

Thank you so much Delene.

16.10.2019 20:15


Hi Rhonda. We met a few months ago in Food Lion in Zebulon. I've been trying to find your number as my phone met a disastrous end. Please contact me if you have any free time.

20.10.2019 03:42

Rhonda O'Neal

Hi, If you need to text me or call me my phone number is 919-532-9624. So glad to hear from you . Rhonda

21.04.2019 19:14

Lisa Howland

Hey, Rhonda.
I am trying to find a cake for my son’s birthday and wonder if you can help me.
Please give me a call at252-343-1949 if you are interested.

01.05.2019 14:04

Rhonda L Oneal

Hi Lisa,
It was a pleasure to message you, hopefully I can be of assistance to you in the future. I hope your son had a wonderful Birthday.

16.04.2019 06:40

Anna Guerra

You look so radiant beautiful. Love your cupcakes will be on the lookout for recipe. Thank you for sharing.

01.05.2019 13:56

Rhonda L Oneal

Thank you Anna. Have a fantastic day.

15.03.2019 17:21

Deborah Gates

Thanks Rhonda, but do not see any juicing recipes here. Im not real computer smart.

01.05.2019 13:54

Rhonda L Oneal

The recipes are on the page called organic/juicing Debbie.

05.03.2019 16:01

Debbie Gates

Rhonda, Want to start juicing but can't afford a expensive juicer. What do you recommend?

07.03.2019 22:01


You want to have at least 800 watts, 1000 is better to begin with. Check at Target not our Walmart here in Zebulon.

07.03.2019 22:00


Hi Debbie,
The best juicer for a beginner is a Breville juicer QVC 2 payments of around 67.00 Target/Walmart also.

04.02.2019 17:57


Hey, lady, I'm following you so I can try to replicate the juicing miracle you have accomplished. Happy to see you have a website! It looks great!!

29.09.2018 02:00

Pamela M. Young

Awesome website Rhonda! I Enjoyed browsing and reading about your business. You are very talented! Blessings!

01.05.2019 14:03

Rhonda L Oneal

Hi Pamela,
I hope you are doing well and thank you so much. It was such a pleasure meeting you at the event at Seymour Johnson A.F.B

07.03.2019 22:02


Thank you so much for you compliment & for viewing my websites, Contact me anytime you have a question.

29.09.2018 16:37


Thank you so much Pamela.

12.07.2018 19:28

Rebecca Cooley

Your cakes are beautiful and delicious. I wish I lived closer to you so I could have them more often.

29.09.2018 16:37

Rhonda Oneal

Thank you Becky.

11.07.2018 14:13

Cynthia Elwood

Some of the most unique & creative cakes/desserts that make them a pleasure to show off! Very classy ideas and taste amazing!

29.09.2018 16:38

Rhonda Oneal

Thank you Cynthia. Hope you find some recipes that you can use and enjoy.

11.07.2018 14:10


Wow, what a combination...
Beautiful and Delicious too!!!
And very fairly priced.
Get Cakes, Rhonda!

29.09.2018 16:40

Rhonda Oneal

Thank you Barb.

11.07.2018 13:32

Melanie Hurley

Rhonda is very talented in all that she does. Her cakes are beautiful and so delicious.

29.09.2018 16:39

Rhonda Oneal

Thank you so much Melanie. Miss seeing you.

25.07.2016 13:29

Debbie Gates

I ate that cake and it was wonderful. I showed my daughter and she thought it was so professional.

29.09.2018 16:40

Rhonda Oneal

Thank Debbie. I really need to bring you something sometime.